Biohacked Box #5 (Winter, December 2017)

Time for another Bulletproof quarterly box.


If you want to follow along with the official unboxing video, head on over and watch with me (YouTube).

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:31 Box overview booklet, discount codes, etc
  • 0:53 Mark Bell SlingShot Hip Circle (~US$25)
    • Activates hip/butt muscles, warm up for exercise
    • Fixes posture, offsets quad dominance, undoes sitting damage
    • 10% off entire order: BIOHACKED
  • 3:07 Yoga Body Awesome Toes (~US$25)
    • Silicone, spreads toes out
    • Reduces foot pain, realigning toe bones
    • Relieve stress/tension, can walk or sleep in them
  • 5:15 Pro Hands GripMaster (~US$15)
    • Grip/hand/finger strengthening
    • 20% off: BIOHACKED
  • 7:05 Biohacked TENS Unit (~US$85)
    • Runs small pulsed current across nerves
    • Reduces perception of pain, releases endorphins
  • 9:20 Earth Based Body Grounding Gelee (~US$49)
    • Puts layer of ionic silver on feet, increase conductivity with earth
    • 25% off: BHGG25 (till 31/01/2018)
  • 11:00 ManFlow Yoga - Guyoga (~US$35)
  • 13:20 Golden Ticket: Hyperice Sphere / Roller (~US$149)
    • Vibrates, rechargable
    • Releases trigger points/knots quickly
    • 30% off any product: BULLETPROOF30
  • 15:26 Golden Ticket: Joov Combo Mini (~$600)
    • Photobiomodulation, red light therapy
    • Red light contributes electrons to the electron transport chain
    • IR changes the structure of water in your body
    • 660nm and 850nm, good for 50,000 hours of use
    • Can use on head for brain/hair loss
    • $25 off: BIOHACKED
    • (Sidenote: You could probably build your own equivalent to the mini for ~US$100 in parts from aliexpress, save yourself ~US$500)

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