Biohacked Box #3 (June 2017)

Time for another Bulletproof quarterly box. A few interesting sounding items this time around, not sure how useful they will be though.


If you want to follow along with the official unboxing video, head on over and watch with me (YouTube). It looks like they've started including some information and links about the items on their site now too, win!

  • 0:00 Intro
    • ~$225 of value, not quite a new record
    • Stuff discovered while writing headstrong
    • A lot of items not available to public yet
    • Help with resilience, balance in times of stress
  • 1:38 Pocket knives are good
  • 2:15 Pluggz Earthing Sandles (~US$49)
    • Custom carbon/rubber plug
    • Allows electrons to flow between you and the earth
    • 35% off: BHVIP25 (till August 15)
  • 4:18 HoneyColony Hydra Molecular Hydrogen (US$59.95)
    • Put in water, combats oxidative stress, destroys freeradicals, provides free electrons
    • Some freeradicals required for mitochondria
    • Hydrogen hits the bad freeradicals
    • 20% off: ENERGY
  • 6:20 Stellarcleenz Silver Spritz (US$32)
    • Antibacterial/antifungal colloidal silver + essential oils
    • 30% off: BH30
  • 7:34 TrueDark Dots (US$40)
    • Coloured dots for filtering/blocking LED's/etc
    • Black, dark red, light red
  • 10:21 Neuromaster (US$56)
    • Supports BDNF through polyphenols, helps brain be more neuroplastic
  • 10:55 Golden Tickets

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