Biohacked Box #1 (aka Bulletproof Biohacking Box #9)

Even though you pay for these boxes (US$99/quarter), it becomes another one of those background things you forget about, and then suddenly in the mail arrives this package of biohacking goodies! This one rocked up perfectly in time for actual christmas, so was a nice little addition to the festivities.

While this is the 9th box overall, it's the first shipped via the new service over at If you haven't checked it out yet, I definitely recommend it.


If you want to follow along with the official unboxing video, head on over and watch with me. (YouTube)

  • 0:48 SquattyPotty (AU)
    • 20% off: BIOHACKED20 (expires 15/2/17)
    • Changes the alignment of your bowels, better elimination, better endotoxin excretion.
    • Porta-Squatty (~US$29)
  • 4:35 Neurominer (US$99/yr + $99 voucher)
    • Brain trainer
    • Default mode network: creativity, intuition, etc. When you're not actively working on a problem
    • Like a dream, hard to remember things unless you write them down
    • Trains passive recall ability
    • Bill Harris, Centerpointe Research Institute
    • Combine holosync style sounds, with memory training
    • 8:16 Free personal account while you remain subscribed to the biohacked box, and a gift card for a free year for a friend
    • Want 20-30min/day for a month to get the benefit, is a meditation
  • 9:47 Breakaway Matcha
  • 13:50 ZeroPoint Compression Socks (~US$45)
    • 30% off: BULLETPROOF30
    • Medical grade compression
    • Graduated compression (tighter at the bottom, rather than the top)
    • Size for me, M2
  • 15:48 Chi-ocolate
    • Dark Chocolate infused with Chinese Herbal Formulas Anxiety, Stress, PMS, Workout Recovery.
    • 80% dark ecuadorian chocolate
    • Formulated by one of the 40 Years of Zen neuroscientists
  • 17:00 Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bites (~$30/box)
  • 18:30 Golden Ticket: Stand Desk
    • 3 golden ticket prizes
    • 15% off: BIOBOX20
  • 20:10 iH2O
    • 10 people get one for free
    • $100 off: BULLETPROOF (exp 28/2/17)
    • 'Intelligently Designed Water'
    • 4th state of water, exclusion zone, EZWater, structured water
  • 22:20 Golden Ticket: 40 Years of Zen Mastermind Program ($US15,000)
    • Only a couple hundred can do it per year
    • Dedicated $2.5mil facility in Seattle
    • 5 days of intensive neurofeedback
    • Custom made hardware/software
    • Includes a year of membership to an exclusive group, telecalls, etc
    • Access to a small meeting around the next Bulletproof conference
  • 25:18 Tell a friend
  • 26:00 Share a picture
  • 26:09 Cancel your old quarterly box
    • They transferred it to a generic box without asking permission first

So that's it for this box, can't wait to see what goodies we get next time!

Also, while I was on the Biohacked site, I saw a couple of upcoming products. They look to be some new blue light blockers, and the style seems to have a pretty awesome Vampyre-chic look to it. If you're interested, head on over and take a look:

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