(This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers's. If you want something more general, maybe you want the about page)

Living in Canberra, Australia.

Working at TSS doing InfoSec things, but focussing more of my time on development now, rather than pentesting.

Outside of work my time/energy is mostly split between dance (hip hop, breaking, etc. at Project Beats) and side projects (GitHub, Blog) such as BountyMachine.

Recently I've been excitedly discovering a whole new world in the hardware/electronics/maker side of things. I'll often go down random research rabbitholes in health, wellness, tech, or some combination of; and my intention is to collate and capture what I learn in blog posts as I go.

A recent post summarises my current attitudes towards things:

Empowering new builders, thinkers and makers with the tools and knowledge to step just a little further, reach a little higher.

Or said another way:

Understanding how overpriced products work, and devising better/cheaper open hardware designed alternatives. Democratising and de-commercialising the world.


I'm most (publicly) active on GitHub, Twitter, Instagram, and this blog; but you can also find me other places sometimes.


Medium: Claps, Highlights