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Dance is one of the many areas of movement that I've found great joy, interest, connection, and freedom in throughout my life.

A mentor once shared with me that "by understanding the culuture and history behind the moves, we can better embody the essence of the moves themselves, understanding them fully". Rather than imitating and rote learning the movements, regurgitating them blindly, if we understand how they came to be, then we can allow our own truth to shine through the lens of the movement authentically, as it originally emerged.

While this page isn't a complete resource, hopefully it serves as a starting point to ignite your interest, and direct you towards areas that may start you on your own path of discovering and understanding more.


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In 1994 we realized that rap was something that was done, while Hip Hop was something that was lived. We realized that Hip Hop was far more than just a music genre, that it was a collective urban consciousness that produced not only the expression of rapping, but also breakin, Deejayin, graffiti writing, and beat boxin. Through much debate and observation we realized the term “Hip Hop” never actually enters the physical world, and that it(Hip Hop) only becomes physical when we become it. This led to the “I am Hip Hop” philosophy in 1994 and the establishment of the Temple of Hip Hop in 1996. The Temple of Hip Hop began as a Hip Hop preservation society and urban ministry focused upon the cultural expansion and spiritual development of Hip Hop. Since our beginning in 1996, our existence has served as an actual balancing force within Hip Hop’s cultural image in world history.