v3.0 - Now with more Hyde

Time for another rebirth! As you may have noticed, I haven't really written much over the last year or two. While I've been busy, distracted and occasionally just lazy, I've mostly found that Tumblr's interface is just far too much effort to write in. And if something is needlessly too much effort, it's not going to get done.

Enter Jekyll, the static website builder. I've been intending to put something together on this platform forever.. The first iteration started in Octopress a year or more back, but never really went anywhere since the default theme was kind of ugly. Decided to take another stab at things this year while I was between jobs (free time == productivity!), found a theme that I liked and started hacking away. With a few months of scattered hacking and procrastination, it's finally actually on the internet, yay!

Being a static site, I'm taking advantage of GitHub Pages. While it gives me free hosting, it also means I'm now living my previous mantra of 'open source everything'. You can access the files used to generate the site and create an issue/pull request to fix up any typos/errors you might find along the way :)

Given it's now only mildly more effort for me to write a post here as it is to save my notes in random text files on my computer, I'll hopefully put more online.. We shall see.