Resolutions for 11111011100 [2012]

So here comes the obligatory post about my resolutions for 2012. In no particular order or level of detail:

  • Spend more time hanging out and chatting with friends. Those who are physically close as well as those far away; in person, on the phone and online; those who I am close to and those I should be closer with.
  • Put more time into coding/web design/development tasks with the aim of getting at least 1 app out this year.
  • Open source anything and everything I do that isn't a 'trade secret' (More on this to come later). Who knows what people will be able to find a use for. Also contribute back anything I can to open source projects I use.
  • Continue to read, learn and grow; be it in technical skill, learning about myself, or the world; and share what I learn with everyone and anyone who is interested. (Essentially open source whatever knowledge I gain)
  • Be more forward and take (calculated) risks even when they seem scary. (Talking to someone new/interesting/cute, giving that project a go, etc)

This one isn't a resolution so much as a goal but a notable thing to do in any case:

  • Ensure all of my hard drives utilise full disk encryption, using a strong password. ''The man' thinks he is too good these days, so why not stick it to him in a simple, fun, and secure way. (See the article on