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At the start of 2017 I decided that I would like to "get out there more" and "speak about the things I do". Since then, I have had a number of opportunities to connect with the community; sharing my ideas, thoughts, projects, and methodologies with the world.

To date, topics have largely focussed around the fusion of Security and Development, with a sprinkling of personal development/mental health/'attitudinal' concepts throughout.

You can find my slides on Speaker Deck and/or SlideShare. Related code, notes, slides, or similar should be on my GitHub tagged 'presentation' or 'slides'. Any videos of my talks should be posted directly or linked to on my YouTube channel.

Blog Posts

Upcoming Talks

Past Talks

This section may or may not be kept up to date.. but you can always refer to my 'speaker' tagged blog posts for up to date details.

When Where What Links
2018-08-11 DEF CON 26 - Recon Village Bug Bounty Hunting on Steroids Blog
2017-11-23 BSides Wellington Gophers, whales and.. clouds? Oh my! Blog, GitHub, YouTube
2017-11-17 CSides Canberra Gophers, whales and.. clouds? Oh my! (v0.2-prewlg-alpha) Blog, GitHub
2017-11-14 SecTalks Canberra Hack FaaSter: Leveraging Docker and OpenFaaS for fun and offensive (security) profit Blog, GitHub