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When it comes time to look for something new, I always find I forget all of the cool places that I would like to work, and fall back to what seems to be immediately 'visible' through LinkedIn/typical job searches.. which obviously tends not to capture the depth of the interesting possibilities out there.

This page is an attempt to capture places that I like, or sound cool as I think of/come across them, and perhaps a few brief notes about why I think they might be cool. In no particular order, and with vague rough categorisations..

TODO: Link to any blog posts about what I am looking for career/culture/industry/etc-wise.

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Values, Desires, Etc

  • Flexibile, work life balance, culture, etc
  • Remote
  • Transparent


  • TODO: Extract notes from my recent writing on this: dev, sec, startup, crypto, futurism/futuretech, etc

'Big Defaults'

Social, People, etc


Dev, Tech, etc

Media, Music, Creative, etc