MDwiki (and how to get started)

(Note: Original gist can be found here)

If you haven't already heard about it, MDwiki is a cool little CMS/Wiki that runs entirely clientside (HTML5/Javascript) and uses Markdown

Since it's all clientside, we can do really cool things like track our changes in git and then host it all on GitHub Pages. That means super simple forking, contributing and sharing. Yay for open source!

Setting up MDwiki with GitHub

There is an official guide available on the MDwiki site, but I kind of like to do things my own way, so below is how I go about setting up a new site. (I'll assume you're already setup on GitHub and know vaguely how to use it, if not, maybe checkout the guide above)

  • On GitHub
  • Setup initial MDwiki bits
    • Download the latest MDwiki release
    • Extract it to a folder (eg. my-mdwiki)
    • Here you have a choice:
      • mdwiki.html will give you MDwiki and all of it's libraries packaged as a single file
      • mdwiki-slim.html (my preference) will give you MDwiki, but load it's libraries from a CDN (content delivery network)
    • Choose the option you want to use and rename it to index.html
    • Next we'll need to create a config.json file. You can read about how this works or just use something similar to mine:
"lineBreaks": "gfm",
"additionalFooterText": "By <a href=''>Glenn '/dev/alias' Grant</a><br />",
"anchorCharacter": "&para;"
  • Almost there, create a quick (docs) that looks something like
# Your wiki name


And create your first page (i'll only show you one, but the process is the same). Create a file called (as specified in your navigation)

# Hello World!

This is my first page!
  • That's it for the basic site setup!
  • As a little bonus, I like to add a script to run a python SimpleHTTPServer for local testing called (and make sure to make it executable with chmod +x

open http://localhost:8000
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000
  • Now we'll setup our git repo:
    • Open a terminal window, and navigate to the folder you just created (eg. cd ~/my-mdwiki)
    • Initialise the git repo: git init
    • Here we use some magic (from Sean Estabrooks) to tell git to call the initial branch gh-pages instead of master: git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/gh-pages
    • Add all the files we've created so far: git add .
    • Commit them: git commit -m "Initial Commit"
    • Add your GitHub repo as a remote (making sure to replace YOURUSERNAME with your actual username, and my-mdwiki with the name of the repository you created earlier): git remote add origin
    • Then push it to github: git push -u origin gh-pages
  • That's pretty much it! After a short delay, your site should be available at