New Window With Tabs To Right - Chrome Extension

(tl;dr I wrote a chrome extension, get it in the web store or check it out on GitHub)

So I decided I would re-dip my feet into the wonderful world that is chrome extensions. I had a little look a while back, but never really got to making anything relevant.

This time around I decided to start off simple, and something that I would find useful, so without further ado building up drumroll here is the copypasta of the description I wrote for the chrome web store (there are SO many extra little hoops you have to jump through to go from working code to published in the web store.. Maybe a potential future topic?):

This is a simple little extension (my first proper one!) that I wanted to make my life a little easier.
It lets you create a new window with the tabs to the right (optionally including the current tab)
My main reason for wanting this was to more effectively make use of the 'Sesh' extension by Yuji Kosugi when I forgot to open a new window before opening a ton of tabs.
If you have any comments, criticisms, praise, hatred, marriage proposals, fluffy bunnies, or transdimensional gateway blueprints, feel free to send them through to me at (Make sure to mention the extension name in the subject so I know what you're talking about!)

Since that's a blockquote and I can't link in it, here is a link to Sesh by Yuji Kosugi (highly recommended if you're a tab junkie like myself!)

So yeah, that's it! Check it out in the Chrome Web Store and let me know what you think!!

Oh, by the way, since I love you guys and open source software, it's released under the MIT Licence and you can go and check it out over at GitHub! <3