How to SSH to iPhone/iPad/iDevice via USB

So in order to run the iPad through a debug proxy (Burp Suite), and still be able to forward on the traffic to the net, I needed to be able to talk to it over USB. (yay limited tech to work with!)

This wasn't actually too hard to get going thanks to a little tool called usbmuxd.


  1. Install usbmuxd (i did this through homebrew: brew install libmuxd)
  2. Startup the included iproxy tool (iproxy LOCAL_PORT DEVICE_PORT)iproxy 2222 22)
  3. Plug in your iDevice (I assume you already have SSH setup on it and enabled)
    SSH to localhost:LOCAL_PORT, making sure to specify the account you want to logon as ssh root@ -p 2222
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

Yay for things just working how they should!